Banter M Issue 80: The Banter is Being Sued by a Rogue Australian Astrologer

In this issue of Banter M: 

The Banter is Being Sued by a Rogue Australian Astrologer (Pt 1) - Yes, you read that right. The Daily Banter is being sued by a "rogue" Australian astrologer/blogger. Get the inside scoop from Ben Cohen on what has to be the craziest story we've ever published. 

My Personal Cuckoo's Nest and the Trump Tapes - Bob Cesca found himself at breaking point this week over the president's antics. Trump's latest lies and idiotic behavior has reached new levels of absurdity and Bob proposes a series of new measures to keep him in check. 

A Feminist's Guide to a Meaningful Father's Day - Justin Rosario imagines a world where men wanted the best for their daughters instead of what's best for themselves.

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Banter M Issue 79: Trump's Calculated War On Your Sanity

In this week's issue of Banter M:

Trump Wants You To Feel Like You're Going Crazy: If you feel like you're slowly going insane, you're not alone, says Bob Cesca. Donald Trump has declared war on your mind, and we must fight to remain sane. 

My Trump Voting In-Laws and The Monsters Amongst Us: Justin Rosario was curious if time would let him forgive his Trump voting in-laws. Here is the update you've all been waiting for. 

Tear Down Your Own Fence: Ben Cohen wants you to tear down your own fence. Literally. 

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Banter M Issue 78: The Catholic Church and Me

In this issue of Banter M: 

The Catholic Church and Me - Ben Cohen describes his new and complex relationship with the Catholic Church, and what Netflix's shocking documentary 'The Keepers' means for him on a personal level. 

Trump's Embarrassing NATO Speech Represents More Irreparable Damage to America - Bob Cesca lambasts the president for a humiliating performance in front of America's NATO allies. Can America come back from this? Maybe not, he argues.  

We Don't Take Hate Speech Seriously Because White People Are Always Innocent - Justin Rosario takes on one of the greatest myths in America. 

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Banter M Issue 77: The Conspiracy Theory Edition

In this week's edition of Banter M: 

Conspiracy Theorizing About Trump/Russia and the Firing of James Comey - Bob Cesca puts his conspiracy theory hat on and contemplates what could be the real story behind Trump's firing of James Comey. While unproven as yet, these ideas could actually have some real merit to them. 

The War on Reality Must Be Fought Tooth and Nail - Ben Cohen has had enough of Right Wing conspiracies that have no evidence attached to them. Reality is at stake, and the Left has been doing an awful job of defending it thus far. 

Raising a Girl in Trump's America - How do you raise a strong woman in a country led by a juvenile ragemonster, asks Justin Rosario?

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Banter M Issue 76: The Technology That Could Save The World

In this issue of Banter M:

The Technology That Could Save The World - Ben Cohen discusses a revolutionary concept and technology he has been investigating that he believes could genuinely change the world. Has he gone mad, or is there something to it that could radically alter our future?

Hillary and Bernie Supporters Can't Stop Punching Each Other, And It Needs to End - Bob Cesca appeals to warring factions of the left to stop fighting and work towards a common goal.

My Autistic Child Deserves a Real Education and So Does Yours - Thanks to Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, Justin Rosario's autistic son, Jordan Rosario, is at risk of losing the special education he desperately needs receives. This is his story. 

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