Banter M Issue 78: The Catholic Church and Me

In this issue of Banter M: 

The Catholic Church and Me - Ben Cohen describes his new and complex relationship with the Catholic Church, and what Netflix's shocking documentary 'The Keepers' means for him on a personal level. 

Trump's Embarrassing NATO Speech Represents More Irreparable Damage to America - Bob Cesca lambasts the president for a humiliating performance in front of America's NATO allies. Can America come back from this? Maybe not, he argues.  

We Don't Take Hate Speech Seriously Because White People Are Always Innocent - Justin Rosario takes on one of the greatest myths in America. 

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Banter M Issue 77: The Conspiracy Theory Edition

In this week's edition of Banter M: 

Conspiracy Theorizing About Trump/Russia and the Firing of James Comey - Bob Cesca puts his conspiracy theory hat on and contemplates what could be the real story behind Trump's firing of James Comey. While unproven as yet, these ideas could actually have some real merit to them. 

The War on Reality Must Be Fought Tooth and Nail - Ben Cohen has had enough of Right Wing conspiracies that have no evidence attached to them. Reality is at stake, and the Left has been doing an awful job of defending it thus far. 

Raising a Girl in Trump's America - How do you raise a strong woman in a country led by a juvenile ragemonster, asks Justin Rosario?

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Banter M Issue 76: The Technology That Could Save The World

In this issue of Banter M:

The Technology That Could Save The World - Ben Cohen discusses a revolutionary concept and technology he has been investigating that he believes could genuinely change the world. Has he gone mad, or is there something to it that could radically alter our future?

Hillary and Bernie Supporters Can't Stop Punching Each Other, And It Needs to End - Bob Cesca appeals to warring factions of the left to stop fighting and work towards a common goal.

My Autistic Child Deserves a Real Education and So Does Yours - Thanks to Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, Justin Rosario's autistic son, Jordan Rosario, is at risk of losing the special education he desperately needs receives. This is his story. 

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Banter M Issue 75: Matt Taibbi Drops the Ball on Russiagate Investigation

In this issue of Banter M: 

Why is Matt Taibbi Attempting to Undermine the Russiagate Investigation? - Rolling Stone's legendary journalist Matt Taibbi has straddled a bizarre fence on the Russiagate investigation, taking a deeply cautious, wishy-washy position. It's unclear as to why, says Bob Cesca, but it is deeply troubling. 

How Pepsi Misread America - Pepsi's Kendall Jenner ad was so unfathomably offensive and tone deaf that it should be considered a work of art, argues Ben Cohen. Why exactly did they miss the mark so badly? 

America's Dangerously Divergent Ideologies - Somewhere along the road, the conservative movement stopped caring about anything but inflicting pain on others, argues Justin Rosario. 

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Banter M Issue 74: America Took a Bullet For the World

In this issue of Banter M: 

America Took A Bullet For The World - Voting our conscience may have saved the world from a new Dark Age, argues Justin Rosario. But not in the way you might think. 

A Guide to Surviving Trump's Alternate Reality - Ben Cohen argues that despite the awfulness of Trump's presidency, we have unique opportunity to not only make the country a better place to live, but our own lives more enjoyable too. 

We're at War Against Russia and All the President's Men are Fighting for the Other Side - There is a new Cold War emerging, and unfortunately for America, it's own government has joined the other side, argues Bob Cesca. 

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